Vietnam – US Awards and Decorations


National Archives and Records Administration. Vietnam War, Awards and Decorations of Honor, 1965-1972 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.

Original data: Awards and Decorations System (AWADS) Translated File [Archival Database]; Records of Awards and Decorations of Honor During the Vietnam Conflict, 5/1969-3/1973; Records of the U.S. Forces in Southeast Asia, 1950-1975, Record Group 472; National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD.


SurnameFirst NameServiceDate ReceivedAward
GrayAlex LU.S. Army8 Jul 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayAsa PU.S. Army8 Feb 1969Air Medal (Valor)
GrayAsa PU.S. Army10 Apr 1969Air Medal (Achievement)
GrayBelfrad HU.S. Army19 Feb 1969Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayCarl MU.S. Army11 Mar 1969Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayCharles BU.S. Army26 May 1969Legion of Merit
GrayCharles DU.S. Army19 May 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayCharles WU.S. Army13 Apr 1971Army Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayCharles WU.S. Army4 Jul 1971Army Commendation Medal (Valor)
GrayCharles WU.S. Army1 Nov 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayDU.S. Army28 May 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayDaniel PU.S. Army26 Jul 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayDaniel PU.S. Air Force6 Jul 1971 
GrayDanny LU.S. Army1 Sep 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayDeanU.S. Army2 Aug 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayDonald AU.S. Army13 Mar 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayDonald FU.S. Army7 Jul 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayDonald JU.S. Army15 Nov 1971Army Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayDouglas WU.S. Army5 Nov 1971Army Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayEarle DU.S. Army26 Jan 1970Army Commendation Medal (Valor)
GrayEarle DU.S. Army15 Jun 1970Army Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayEdward ZU.S. Army9 Apr 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayFrank MU.S. Army11 Aug 1969Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayGary LU.S. Army13 Apr 1969Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayGeorge HU.S. Army2 May 1971Army Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayGeorge HU.S. Army14 Sep 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayGerald EU.S. Army21 Oct 1969Army Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayGerald EU.S. Army15 Dec 1969Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayGilbert MU.S. Army19 May 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayHarlen EU.S. Army12 Dec 1970Joint Service Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayHarlen EU.S. Army6 May 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayHarry EU.S. Army13 Apr 1971Army Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayHarry EU.S. Army29 Dec 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayJames HU.S. Army23 Sep 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayJames HU.S. Army17 Dec 1971Army Commendation Medal (Valor)
GrayJames HU.S. Army13 Dec 1971Air Medal (Valor)
GrayJames KU.S. Marine Corps5 Mar 1970 
GrayJames PU.S. Air Force18 Apr 1971 
GrayJames WU.S. Army27 Dec 1968Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayJames WU.S. Army17 Jun 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GreyJames WU.S. Army5 Nov 1971Army Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayJan MU.S. Army17 May 1969Air Medal (Achievement)
GrayJan MU.S. Army3 Sep 1969Air Medal (Achievement)
GrayJan MU.S. Army19 Sep 1969Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayJerry EU.S. Army16 Apr 1970Joint Service Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayJohn SU.S. Army26 Oct 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayJoseph MU.S. Army18 Feb 1970Joint Service Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayJoseph MU.S. Army29 Jul 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayLarry RU.S. Army10 Mar 1970Joint Service Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayLeslie MU.S. Army3 Feb 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayLewis HU.S. Air Force16 Jul 1970 
GrayMartin LU.S. Army29 Sep 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayRalph SU.S. Army10 May 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayRalph SU.S. Army2 May 1971Joint Service Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayRichard HU.S. Army13 Jan 1972Joint Service Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayRichard HU.S. Army1 May 1972Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayRobert AU.S. Army23 Jul 1969Army Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayRobert TU.S. Army31 May 1970Army Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayRobert TU.S. Air Force22 Apr 1971 
GrayStanley TU.S. Air Force10 May 1970Joint Service Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayStephen DU.S. Army7 Mar 1972Army Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayThomas EU.S. Army1 Dec 1970Army Commendation Medal (Service)
GrayTommy JU.S. Army9 Aug 1970Joint Service Commendation Medal (Achievement)
GrayTommy JU.S. Army7 Nov 1970Bronze Star Medal (Service)
GrayWoods EU.S. Army3 Nov 1971Bronze Star Medal (Service)