Family History

This section is intended to allow me to share the results of the research I have carried out into the history of my family. My paternal side formed the basis of my One-Name Study. The other names are of interest but I have not registered them as Studies with the Guild.

My father’s name is GRAY and he was born in Bolton (Lancashire), although his father and the rest of his ancestors came from Yorkshire.  I’ve traced his family back to Robert and Elizabeth GRAY who lived in East Cottingwith – a small village a few miles to the south east of York – in the mid 17th Century.  My father’s mother was a STEWART – and I am having problems going back more than a couple of generations.

My mother was a KELLY born in Surrey – her mother being a LOCKYER.  I’ve traced the KELLYs back to Susanna KELLY who lived in Iddesleigh (Devon) – again in the mid 17th Century.  There are significant links between this family and the FULFORDs and other families of Buckland Brewer (Devon).  The LOCKYERs and FENNs are on my mother’s maternal side and I’ve yet to drive them back more than a couple of generations.

Other families included in this study are the BULMER and KNAGGS families from Lythe (Yorkshire) as well as the BAPTISTs from Goa.

The results of the work to date are shown in a Chris GRAY genealogy web-site published using the Second Site tool from data stored in The Mater Genealogist (TMG) database.  The data currently only relates to Births, Deaths and Marriages – however this will change as more data is checked and made ready for publishing.