UK: Detailed Distribution


An extraction of GRAY and GREY names from the databases gave the residence and place of birth given in the UK censuses of 1841 through 1901.  The analysis is in three parts: where they resided, where they were born and the distance between the two.

Data Source

Data was extracted from the Census entries in the UK data sets using exact matches for the GRAY and GREY names.  Therefore this includes such as the “le Gray” and “de Gray” names, and also where the data has been amended – e.g. “Amanda Roberts [Amanda Grey]”.  The extracted data for place of residence has not been altered in any way.

Data Analysis


The first phase of the analysis took the number of occurrences of the name in each county as a percentage of the total – excluding the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands which will be added later.  The results are given in tabular form for EnglandScotland and Wales.

Place of Birth