What is Synthesis?

The “seven pillars” of a One-Name Study are Data Collection, Analysis, Synthesis, Publicising, Responding to enquiries, Publication of  results and Preserving the study.   This section pertains to Synthesis.

In the context of a One-Name Study, synthesis is about using the information gathered so as to “add value”.  I will look into the possible meanings of the name and its origins as well as look at how the name differs from others – for example –   in frequency of forenames, infantile mortality and illegitimacy rates.

Reconstructing families and their lineage is of significant interest to many and this study has resulted in quite a few which can be found in the Family History section of this site.  Where there is a specific individual mentioned in this study, then there will be a reference to their family lineage.

Meanings of the Name

{Work in Progress}

Origins of the Name

This forms a separate page in this web-site – please go to Origins of The Name.