The “seven pillars” of a One-Name Study are Data Collection, Analysis, Synthesis, Publicising, Responding to enquiries, Publication of  results and Preserving the study.   This section pertains to Responding to enquiries

The only formal requirement for registering a name with the Guild of One-Name Studies is that there is a commitment to responding to enquiries of the name.  I take this seriously and will always respond.  I can be reached by e-mail- see the contact page.  However, it should not be assumed that I have the answer.

Most of the enquiries to date have been of the form “my grandfather was John Gray who lived in Glasgow in 1880 – can you please tell me about him?”  There are many gray/grey families around the world and I only have information about a small number.  But, that said, I am always willing to look and so will respond by trying to find out more about him.  Any items of information would be welcome – for example “I think he died in WW2”, or “he had a brother called Billy”.  It doesn’t matter whether or not the information you have is accurate or not – though we hope it is – but anything may help identify John Gray and so enable me to research his lineage.

As well as providing any information I can find, I will also publish it on this web–site – letting you know the reference.

I do not pass on details about people who may be living and, if you provide such information in order to help the search, then I do not publish it.