World War I


The First World War was a global war that started on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. There were estimated to be over 20 million deaths and 16 million wounded. A table giving an estimate of the military casualties is provided on the WW1 Casualties page.

This section of the web-site is looking to provide information pertaining to casualties of the name GRAY or GREY.  The names are such that one could expect casualties from a significant number of countries – on both sides in the war, as well as neutral countries.  The first step is the British Empire.

British Empire

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site records 132 people with the name GREY who died in this war, with 1,567 with the name GRAY. This section aims to link these people to their families.  This has been split between Land and Naval battles.

Central Powers

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Entente Powers

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Neutral Countries

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