Terrorist Victims


This page is to record information pertaining to victims of terrorist attacks.

London – 7th July 2011

Richard Gray (1970-2011)

Source: The Daily Telegraph, 25 March 2017

Richard Gray: the father-of-two killed in the July 7 atrocity, was “above all a family man”, the inquest heard.

The 41-year-old died after Shehzad Tanweer unleashed devastation on the Aldgate train, leaving behind his widow Louise and their young children, Adam and Ruby.

On July 7, the tax accountant caught the train as usual from Ipswich to London’s Liverpool Street.

From there he took the Circle Line to make his way to work in Pall Mall but never made it to the office.

Reading a statement from colleagues, Hugo Keith QC said: “He was both well liked and well thought of by partners and staff alike.

“Hard working, conscientious and always ready to stop whatever he was doing and help others.”

In another statement, his widow Louise described him as “fun-loving, kind and generous and an ordinary family man”.

The inquest heard Mr Gray had been a founding member of the Ipswich and East Suffolk Hockey Club in 1986.

After his death, one leading member of the club said: “Richard was a gentleman of modest disposition, charm, courtesy and subtle humour and above all he was a family man.”

He was said to be fit and healthy when he died.

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