Welcome to this site which provides a view of the data resulting from my study into the genealogy of the GRAY/GREY family and those families related to it by marriage.

There are other families included - the data for which results from research I have carried out on behalf of friends and acquaintances.

In the same way, there is data on GRAY/GREY families that I may well not be related to. This data is gathered as part of my GRAY One-Name Study. I've traced my own family back to Robert Gray who was baptised on 11th April 1677 in the parish of Aughton - a few miles to the south-east of York in the county of Yorkshire in England.

I do not intentionally include data relating to people that I believe could be alive. However, the assumptions used may mean that some people who are deceased are not included - any such mistakes will be rectified when found.

The families covered on this site include BAPTIST, BULMER, de SOUZA, EBBETT, FENN, FULFORD, KELLY and LOCKYER.

The data is stored in a TMG (The master Genealogist) database. Work is ongoing to ensure that the data is accurate - but this is still in its early stages and so errors will no doubt be found. The "Second Site" application takes the data and creates the web-site. As one can see, I still have a lot of work to ensure that the site reads well - for example that the sources are properly defined. [I have a lot to learn.]


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