This section of the site will host the Documents produced as part of the study as well as reporting on progress against the goals.  The sub-sections are:

  1. Toolset.
  2. Data Collection.
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Family Synthesis.
  5. DNA - not yet started


While it is possible to carry out a study without Information Technology - and there are many that have been done without - the GRAY/GREY study would not have been started without it, let alone achieve the results it has.  The tools are grouped as follows:

  • Communication: those used to communicate the study to others
  • Data Management: the tools used to gather, analyse and assess the data
  • Reporting: the tools used to record the output of the study

The tools are given in the Toolset section

Data Collection

{to be written}

Data Analysis

{to be written}

Family Synthesis

{to be written}


{not yet started}.


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