Famous Names in History


There are numerous famous holders of the GRAY name and work is ongoing to list these.  As this part of the study moves forward, its results will be given here.  To date, six areas are being addressed - that of those people with the name who have died serving their country, given awards for gallantry, sports people, politicians, members of the British Aristocracy and the victims of terrorist attacks. In addition there is a section on ships with the name.

A separate section covers places such as “Grays Inn” in London and Gray Street in Whitby (Yorkshire, England)

Those who Died at War

From various on-line sources, lists are being made of those who died during the following wars:

Awards for Gallantry

Lists of people with the GRAY or GREY name given Awards for Gallantry.

Sports Personnel

This section (Sport) contains just one person at the moment, but research is being carried out to add more.


I was struck by how few people with the GRAY / GREY names became politicians and so started to list them (Politicians).  Currently I’ve started to look at Australia, the UK and USA - but more will follow.

British Aristocracy

This is is an ongoing area - all of which has been covered on various web-sites.  I’m gradually extracting those and including them in the British Aristocracy page.

Terrorist Attacks

I am seeking information about victims of terrorist attacks and these will be included in the  Terrorist Victims page.


There are many places with GRAY or GREY in the title and I look to cover them in the Places section of this site.


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