History of the GRAY/GREY Name


As of yet, I know of no proof that the name comes from any one source (see Origins of The Name).  However, there are a number of lineages that have been documented to some extent or another and then there is the work I have undertaken on my personal lineage and those of others that have sought my assistance.

Published Lineages

This section of the web-site is intended to hold  that information, but without any checking of the validity of the data therein.  Where I am able to verify the data, I will do so in another section which I will reference from here. 

To date I have identified two lineages:

This second one is part of the Celtic Royal Genealogy web-site which I understand to be a rigorously researched site.

Miscellaneous Lineages

The results of my research into my own lines, and those who have sought my assistance, are included in my The Master Genealogist (TMG) tool and published using SecondSite